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The expansion of consciousness breathing the sacred air gives us the gift of thinking with the heart in terms of energy, frequency and vibration


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About the Project

This large development project called “Sacred Air Sian Ka'an” is a private property adjacent to the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve, with 119 hectares of total area, near the Caribbean Sea. Its geological and ecological characteristics are similar to those of the Reserve: Surrounded by pristine jungles, with incredible biological diversity in flora and fauna, bioenergetic currents, pure air, bodies of water such as lagoons and cenotes


The Sanctuary of Holistic Healing

This complex of human encounter will be at the service of the Community of Initiates whose purpose is “Rebirth in Life..

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The Sacred Center of Conventions

The preferred place for the realization of international events, all of them focused on human development, the awakening..

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The Universal Community

This section consists of a total of 116 lots, each measuring 1,000 square meters. These lots will be located in an area ..

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Unique location in the World
Yucatan Peninsula, Mayan Culture, Caribbean Sea, Sian Ka'an biosphere reserve.


Each land is 1,000 square meters
and with Property Title!

Request information and acquire one of our lands.

When buying a piece of land, we will give you the plans for the construction of the cabin that you see in the image at the beginning of our website. Without worrying about building permits, a company associated with Sacred Air Sian Ka'an takes care of all the procedures and permits.

If you want your cabin to generate income, you can rent it during the time you are not in Sacred Air Sian Ka'an, another company affiliated with us will help you rent your cabin to generate income during the time that you want it